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We need more professional women in mining.

It’s time to make it happen.

About us

Trailblazing the path for women in mining

Mining organizations across Canada and all over the world want to hire talented, skilled women with professional qualifications who want to work in the industry. But finding them can be challenging.

The Artemisa Mining Challenge connects qualified women and organizations within the mining sector through an easy, efficient, and effective placement experience for all stakeholders. Our team supports companies in staying abreast of premium international talent pools to meet their hiring needs while helping candidates find meaningful employment and get the practical experience they need to advance their careers.

Our goals

Advancing women in mining

Currently 16% of women participate in the Canadian mining sector. Given the need for improved performance through a diverse and inclusive workforce, Canadian mining companies are looking to acquire new female talent, especially in engineering roles.

Help mining companies meet ESG targets

More and more mining companies have committed targets to increase female participation and especially in technical roles. To meet these targets, mining companies are looking for diverse talent pools, outside of Canada.

Remove barriers for newly graduated female engineers

Females experience entrenched barriers, making it difficult to start careers, especially for newly graduated female mining engineers. Artemisa Mining Challenge enables newly graduated Latin American female mining engineers to begin first stage careers with Canadian mining companies.


The Artemisa Mining Challenge identifies, qualifies, and connects internationally-based, under-represented female mining engineers with progressive mining companies for hire consideration.


Women who are interested in establishing careers in mining benefit from mentors and contacts who can help them navigate the territory. The Artemisa Mining Challenge can be that resource for the right candidates.

24 by 24

Are you ready to embrace inclusivity, break down barriers, and drive diversity?

The Artemisa Mining Challenge is calling on Canadian mining companies to commit to hiring our qualified women mining engineers. By 2024, our goal is to have 24 women hired.


Through the combined efforts of Artemis Project, Krissilas Group and Language Advantage, we offer a complete solution to prepare Latin American engineering graduates for career placements in Canada.


The Artemisa Mining Challenge would not be possible without the support of our Sponsors. Together we strive to encourage more women to enter the workforce in the mining industry.