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Our story

We started the Artemisa Mining Challenge to increase the talent pool of female mining  engineers for Canadian mining companies. Through an innovative talent recruitment, development and  retention program, we prepare female mining engineers for careers with Canadian mining companies.

How it started

The current situation

Female mining engineer graduates in Canada have been declining year over year. Through the discovery of a network of female mining engineer graduates who were seeking help in securing their first stage career opportunity, we saw a fantastic opportunity to create, test, launch and scale a concept to bridge a gap.

Women continue to struggle in countries around the world due to the continued low acceptance of women in the industry. Strong cultural biases remain entrenched, adding barriers for female mining engineer graduates who are seeking their first job after graduation.

What we are doing about it

In partnership with the Artemis Project and their foundational chapter work in Chile, the Artemisa Mining Challenge was born.

Krissilas Group is the exclusive recruitment firm to the Artemisa Mining Challenge, leading an International Gender Hire Recruitment and Optimization Services Program offering full recruitment and retention services to find great career opportunities for female mining engineer graduates globally.

It is our commitment to find placements that are welcoming, safe, attentive, and full of career opportunities.

Meet our founders

Heather Gamble

Heather is the creator of Artemis Project, a social enterprise that drives outcomes between premium women-owned businesses in mining and mid – large tier mining companies. Heather recognized the opportunity to form a network of high end women owned businesses in mining and raise their visibility, capacity and results with mid-large tier mining companies.

With chapters in Canada, Brazil and Chile, Artemis Project supports 90+ premium women owned businesses. From their work in Chile, Heather  uncovered a group of female mining engineers, experiencing difficulties, finding their first career jobs. Upon further exploration, Heather decided to take action and help newly graduated female mining engineers in Chile, secure their first career placements.

Helen Krissilas

Helen is the founder of the Krissilas Group, a professional recruiting firm that places qualified candidates – especially women – in career jobs in mining and the STEM fields.

Herself a member of the Artemis Project, Helen specialized in information technology and engineering before starting the Krissilas Group. In almost 20 years, she has placed hundreds of candidates in organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

An advocate for equity and diversity in the workplace, Helen’s international connections and dealings across Europe and North America make her a global player in the mining sector.

Our why

Committing to gender equality in mining

The mining sector is facing a talent shortage. Women are pursuing and getting the skills, education and credentials they need to qualify for employment and succeed in the industry.

Many mining companies want to attract more women to professional, technical and managerial roles. They have seen the evidence.

There are only positive benefits to their business and its bottom line when they embrace diversity and inclusion in all forms.

Globalization in mining

The 21st-century focus on ESG and corporate responsibility have led many companies to embrace the principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and integrate them in their practices and operations. The Artemisa Mining Challenge provides a practical, established way to demonstrate that commitment.

Currently it is difficult for any one Canadian mining company to manage international female STEM based talent sources and yet this is where many young professional women join, congregate and collectively begin their careers. With our proposed Career Connections, mining companies have a quick and easy way to stay abreast of premium international talent pools of women technical talent such as mining engineers.

Our goals

Generate employment opportunities

Generate employment opportunities for female mining engineering candidates seeking international placements with mid- to large-tier Canadian mining organizations

Strengthen diversity

Strengthen the gender diverse engineering talent pool for mid- to large-tier Canadian mining organizations as they continue to be tasked with attracting and retaining best in class gender diverse technical talent

Break critical barriers

Break critical barriers for newly graduated female mining engineers in Chile who continue to struggle in finding their first career opportunity, upon graduation

Support equality programs

Support Government gender equality MOU ambitions between Canada and Chile

Ongoing support

Design a sustainable and systematic approach for program continuation to assist yearly graduate groups

Focus on sustainability

Direct contributions to UN sustainable development goals, with a special focus on #5 and #8